Books by Michael John Cruit

Fastball Fari: A Novel cropped-faricvr2_fnl1.jpg

Fari Madrigal is a quiet, shy autistic woman with an obsession for pitching baseballs. She’s a genius at it and exhibits evidence of telekinetic control.

Fari is discovered and recruited by the Minnesota Twins and becomes the first woman to break into US major league baseball. Fari becomes world-famous immediately, which activates her collection of painful social phobias. She employs various emotional and mental strategies in trying to cope, but the media is voracious and everywhere. Fari and her mother, Frances, exploit this celebrity status by forcing giant corporations to make charitable donations.

Amidst all the clamorous attention, Fari seeks refuge in the company of her mother and the Twins’ pitching coach, Chet Macquire, recent widower and recluse. A romance blooms between Mac and Fari as a natural consequence of two isolated souls uniting through loneliness and grief.

Fastball Fari is a thought-provoking, charming blend of baseball and romance, with a large dose of social commentary.

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Invitation to Globalogy: An Alien Perspective Globalogy

With Pat Lauderdale. Globalogy reveals that the Earth’s entire global community — flora and fauna, including humans — has moved into new and possibly dangerous territory. The best way to explore this new territory is from a global perspective. This book presents a refreshing description and analysis of the intersections among consumerism, education, drug consumption, wars, and neoliberalism, the symbiotic connections among these areas and the current climate change of the planet.

Currently, much of the conflict, danger, and absurdity on Earth appear to arise from rigid hierarchies and the machinations of political and corporate power. Although the text is rooted in exploring factual realities of these important issues and intersections, the authors give us a special point of view: a group of alien observers are sent to our planet to document current conditions. Their conclusions are ominous: “Earth has entered a dangerous phase in its existence, a crucial crossroads, where political machinations and history might condense into a point of no return.” However, our alien visitors hope that we are not too late to save our planet and ourselves. Neither the danger nor the hope is fictional.

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Aliens arrive at Earth and orbit the moon. They hope to make contact with humans, but they hesitate. They’re worried about the presence of thousands of nuclear warheads and complex social realities. They kidnap a human, Mark Fletch, and bring him to their spaceship. They explain that their home world is threatened by a “comet swarm” and doomed in the near future. The aliens hope to evacuate to Earth; their entire population is only seven million. They send Fletch back to Earth on a mission to persuade the world’s superpowers to get rid of their nuclear arsenals.

At the same time, a series of political and military calamities sends the world into a dangerous spin. Panic and hysteria erupt everywhere as air-raid sirens go off and “nuclear alerts” appear on all channels and frequencies.

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Phillip Moonfire Shot-to-pieces philip

Political intrigue and electro-magnetic magic.

Phillip Chester Carlson, billionaire businessman and ruthless corporate raider, is struck by a bolt of lightning and knocked into a coma. He awakens four days later, but can’t remember who he is or where he is. He calls himself the Dreamer.

Mr. Carlson’s wife and daughter are shocked at the radical changes in his appearance and behavior; the abrupt, abrasive personality is replaced by amicable and mystical qualities. They are even more astonished when he announces he wants to run for President of the United States.

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Pallbearers and Gamblers banana mike

It’s 1971 and the Army assigns Michael Dibiaso to a unit that acts as honor guard and pallbearers for soldiers killed in Vietnam. After his discharge from the Army, he continues to attend military funerals.
Michael’s family is involved with the Chicago Mafia and his older brother Sergio works in their Stardust Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Sergio becomes embroiled in a fatal dispute with a member of the New York Mafia and Michael gets involved. The brothers decide to get revenge by stealing the year-end skim from the Desert Inn – seven million dollars.

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