I’m a “Doomer.”

For the past few months I did research for a book I co-authored with a colleague at Arizona State. We read about economic conditions, social stratification, racism, sexism, neo-liberalism, consumerism, education, religion, war, nuclear weapons and climate change.

These are not joyful topics to dive into, but necessary to a fairly coherent awareness of social, political and environmental realities on Planet Earth. I came away from this experience with great sadness and anger.

During a recent trip to the US, these sentiments escaped naturally in conversations with friends and relatives. I learned quickly that no one wanted to hear it. I was called a “Doomer” by three different people.

The identity of “Doomer” is socially defined, but now that I’m a hermit again in the jungle, surrounded by plants and animals, I’m back to being Mike Loco – not necessarily doomed, but not saved either.


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