We had a big rain storm last night. I changed the 5″ rain gauge once and it was filled again this morning — over 10″ of rain in less than 12 hours! Fortunately, we have the biggest drainage in the world right out in front. But the storm knocked out my Pelton system and I had to shut off the fridge, the freezer and lights. At 6 this morning I went up the mountain to investigate and discovered the rushing stream had completely covered the intake box with sand, rocks, leaves and branches.

I cleared away the debris and got the water flowing again. As I turned to go back home, I saw a huge boa constrictor passing on the trail only 3 feet in front of me. It was at least 9 feet long and 6 or 7″ thick — a beautiful animal. Although it surely saw me, it paid me no mind.

As the tail passed by me I reached out and stroked it. The snake reacted immediately — the whole body tensed, the head whipped around and rose up.

Whoa! I backed off . . . .


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