As a retired person I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life reading and writing. The last two years I was co-author of a non-fiction book which required lots of research and reading. The book will be published next month and we hope it’ll be used in a few universities.

While doing research for this book I was obliged to read other books and articles in a range of topics – education, consumerism, religion, climate change, war and neo-liberalism. I kept track of significant facts and ideas and filled my head with a smorgasbord of political and social science, along with chemistry, physics and climate science.

All this information spun together and coalesced into a hard nut of horror and panic. However, in writing for academia I had to be fairly restrained and sober. Also, I had to appear “objective” – that is, emotionally and politically neutral.

In this blog site, however, I can scream all I want!

What I scream is this: Millions of years of evolution, with humans and all life forms passing through various stages of development, all the ancient learning, arts and sciences, all the monuments to ourselves and the gods, all the achievements in innovation and invention, all the wars, all the love, hate, laughter and tears . . . now teeter on the edge of extinction.

This jerks my head around and turns my heart cold.


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