More on Religion

The Christian Bible is composed of a series of books written over several hundred years, the latest versions copied and translated from earlier versions. The oldest known version of the New Testament – Codex Sinaiticus – was written about three hundred and fifty years after the life and death of Jesus Christ. The books of the Old Testament were written about a thousand years earlier.

The bible is often claimed to be the “word of God” – that is, God dictated the bible to the authors through the process of “revelation.” Regardless of whether or not the stories in the bible are “true,” they are presented as such and intended to introduce the Christian God, his works and his teachings.

The Bible describes many times when particular humans “disobeyed” God or otherwise became “evil,” and God “in His wrath, smote them.” During this past Easter week I saw a sampling of these events – from Sodom and Gomorrah to the city of Jericho, where God lent power to the trumpets of the righteous and the walls tumbled down, leaving the city vulnerable to defeat and death. Also, the biggest genocide in history occurred when God killed the whole world by flood, except Noah, his family and two of everything.

This demonstrates one of the fatal flaws in the Christian religion: God kills. Even though one of the central tenants of the bible is the Ten Commandments, which includes “thou shalt not kill,” God committed mass murder many times.

This biblical loophole has been exploited by every Christian nation throughout history, up to the present time. The only requirement is to label the Other as “evil,” and this allows the Christian to commit the most outrageous atrocities.

The other fatal flaw in the bible is God’s command and insistence that people “shall rule over all the beasts of the forest.”

This particular loophole led to the idea of “private property,” and the continuous extraction and exploitation of Earth’s mineral, animal and plant resources. This constant extraction and consumption is insane, and the result has brought the planet to its knees. Earth is well into the next mass extinction event and the consequences of climate change are accelerating.

The real evil is among the white Christian elite, who do everything they can to keep the machinery of society moving always in the same direction, in their favor, at a faster and faster velocity, even when they know they’re heading directly toward a cliff!


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