The United States of Think Tanks

Last year was the hottest year on record, and the past month of February experienced one of the biggest jumps in global temperature in recent history, especially in the Arctic. It’s also well documented that Earth is now experiencing the fifth mass extinction event in its history – with climate change aggravating and accelerating this mass extinction.

There’s no longer any question that humanity is facing a global catastrophe of epic proportions.

And yet, this message is not getting through to the general public. There is no wide-spread sense of panic or even concern. In fact, most people around the world go about their daily routines of traveling, commuting, working and consuming as if nothing was amiss.

How can this be, with disaster looming just around the corner?

One main reason is that most people still get their “news” and information from mainstream media – television, radio, newspapers and magazines – which usually ignores unpleasant climate change information. Also, the sense of urgency is dampened by a barrage of anti-climate change propaganda pumped out by a consortium of “think tanks” and “institutes” that are funded by private money.

Particularly active in this anti-climate change campaign is “Donors Trust” and “Donors Capital Fund,” which accept “tax free” donations from energy corporations or individuals connected to these corporations, and then funnel this money to a variety of non-profit think tanks dedicated to maintaining carbon-based industry and consumption.

According to tax returns from 2015, these two organizations took in over 150 million dollars in “untraceable funds” and distributed most of it to a constellation of groups that reject the scientific consensus on climate change.
These think tanks and groups lobby federal government and state governments in an effort to block climate change measures and the implementation of alternative energy sources.

These activities are directly in line with U.S. Corporate Culture (and corporations around the world), which stress profits above all other earthly concerns, including the lives of people, animals and plants.

Given the catastrophic effects of climate change and the probable extinction of humanity, these corporate “think tank” policies are not only morally corrupt, but downright insane.


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