There’s a lot of attention these days on the idea and effects of racism, especially against African-Americans. The proliferation of videos and photos from security cameras and cell phones demonstrate irrefutable evidence of police brutality and abuse against people of color. Also, the social/economic consequences of racism are obvious and alarming – particularly regarding household income, education, employment and health issues.

I’ve seen several racist remarks and rants from supposedly “intelligent” people – that is, educators and college professors, and even from church clergy.

This is disturbing from several angles, but most notably because racist attitudes are STUPID. They just don’t make sense.

All humans share equal potential in physical abilities, emotional responses and intelligence. To suggest otherwise reveals an unfortunate discrepancy in thinking.

In fact, racism – along with religious affiliation – is exclusively CULTURAL in origin. No one is born racist or Christian (or Muslim, or Hindu). We learn these things from the culture around us – that is, from other people!

It is stupid to harbor racist attitudes.

And ALL religions have equal validity.


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