The Head-in-the-sand Syndrome

The evidence is coming in from all over the world – historical records broken in air temperatures, rainfall, drought, ice melt, glacier shrinkage and extinction of species. There is no longer any doubt that planet Earth has entered an historic crossroads.

There have occurred five mass extinction events in Earth’s history, and each was triggered by sudden changes in temperature and weather. However, this is the first mass extinction to occur during human history.

Unlike conventional thinking, or even standard predictions regarding global warming, the conditions leading to some previous extinction events occurred quite rapidly – within fifteen to thirty years – when world temperatures changed to the point where most plant and animal life could not survive, and whole food chains collapsed, triggering a ripple effect of death.

This is based on a simple concept. All life forms on Earth evolved according to the conditions in the atmosphere. If these primary conditions should change even slightly, the entire global eco-system is put under stress and threat of extinction.

This is happening now on Earth!

How should we react to our imminent extinction?

It’s possible most people are not aware of these dangers and how acute they are, since they don’t see “the story” on Breaking News. Or the issue is so clouded by controversy and contrary “opinions” that people are confused.

And yet, the whole of humanity is threatened with annihilation somewhere in the not-too-distant future. And not a quick death either, but a slow, tortuous descent into social chaos and bare survival.

A couple of weeks ago, the world’s leaders met in Paris to “resolve this challenge.” Since the world’s temperature has already risen slightly past 1 degree Celsius, they hope to “limit” the temperature rise to one or two more degrees.

But one or two degrees will happen anyway, just from the sheer momentum of continuous eco-raping and carbon burning. Further, these “limits” are not binding or mandatory in an legal way.

The meeting in Paris was an exercise in Granfalloonery – a public relations event designed to exhibit concerted action and allay fears. The message is this – we don’t have to really change anything, just make a few adjustments.

Imagine this; the recent wacky weather, the record “El Niño,” the accelerated melting of the Artic, rising sea levels, and disruption in the world’s ocean currents are happening right now – from only one degree change!

Future historians – if there are any – will study our generation and shake their heads in wonder and bafflement.


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