Is the Human Race Insane?

For thousands of years humans regarded Mother Nature with a sacred regard. Everything we needed to survive – food, shelter, medicine – came to us from the Earth.

This is a patently obvious statement, but it bears repeating in a time when obviousness is obscured by absurdity: Everything we need comes to us from Earth.

Humans migrated around the world and developed indigenous communities in places rich with the resources for survival. In this way, for millennia, human life integrated with Mother Nature – humans were a part of nature, as was everything.

At some point in the past, we don’t know when exactly (but probably when the idea of “surplus” first arose), people turned their backs on the Earth. They began to regard natural resources as their private domain, rather than the domain of Mother Nature. In this way, humans separated themselves from nature and set themselves up in a proprietary position.

When this happened, two related ideas sprang into existence – Exploitation and Consumerism.

Now, in the current year of “2015,” we have exploited and consumed to such a savage degree that we’ve brought Mother Nature to her knees. We destroyed habitats and introduced extreme weather without remembering that everything we need to survive comes from the Earth. When we destroy the Earth, we destroy ourselves.

Here is the conjunction of the obvious and the absurd. The human race – in its aggregate – is insane.


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