Another Case of Functional Insanity

I see articles and studies from scientists all over the world reporting on global warming and climate change. The majority are one hundred percent sure such warming is occurring and that this warming is a result of human activity.

The only real opposition to these claims is from politicians and corporations, most of whom are not scientists. There are also several “institutes” and “think tanks” devoted to “disproving” these scientific studies, but they are funded by corporate associations with vested interests.

I tend to believe the scientists, who are doing what they’re supposed to do – studying reality and reporting on what they find. Their findings are extremely disturbing – ranging from eventual disaster to more immediate disaster. However, in all scenarios, disastrous events will occur on Earth. It’s only a matter of when.

There is general consensus among anthropologists and biologists that Earth is now experiencing a mass extinction event among animal and plant life. This is irrefutable since current extinction rates far outpace the fixed, “background extinction rate,” which is natural. Further, this extinction event – either the fifth or sixth such event in Earth’s history – began with human destruction of habitats and is exacerbated by climate change.

The plain fact is this: All life on Earth, including humans, evolved according to specific conditions in the atmosphere. If we force changes in the atmosphere, we force changes in the entire planetary eco-system. These changes impose great stress on all humans, animals, plants, ocean systems and climate systems.

How do we react to this?

Given the fatal consequences for life on Earth, I would expect to see everyone everywhere screaming at their politicians to DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW. But I don’t see that. Instead, I see business-as-usual, with the mainstream media still focused on the Kardashians, baseball, music, politics, war, violence and gun control – all of which are completely irrelevant in the midst of planetary catastrophe and extinction.

I believe it’s possible the human race suffers a collective form of insanity. We embrace doubt and denial, rather than face the reality of our sins.


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