It was only twelve years ago when the Bush Administration invaded Iraq, and yet the world has changed immensely since then – from a sleepy existence marred by traditional on-going conflicts (such as Israelis and Palestinians) to an active firestorm of warfare pulling in all superpowers.

The current loss of lives and national treasures is literally incalculable, and the slaughter and destruction continues daily unabated. Hundreds of thousands have been killed, including several thousand American soldiers. Millions have lost their homes and try to escape the war zone. Several trillion dollars of U.S. taxpayers’ money has been spent, strangling the economy at home.

There is no perceived end to this warfare. In fact, the fire is growing. There are fifteen or twenty different armies, militias and “coalitions” going at each other’s throats on a broad sweep of Earth from North Africa through the Middle East and into Asia. Participation ranges from the most humble militia armed with AK47s to Superpowers armed with fighter jets and cluster bombs.

The U.S. started this whole mess and is up to its neck in debt and blood. France and Britain are also directly involved, sending fighter jets to bomb one side or another. Now Russia is moving in, and there are reports that China too wants to get involved.

Looks like a world war.


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