Everyone’s favorite dick — Dick Cheney – gave an interview recently on a conservative radio talk show wherein he demonstrates once again the alarming level of his insanity. When asked if he expected another “terrorist attack” against the U.S., Mr. Cheney’s voice picked up volume and snap. “Yes,” he said. “And it will be even more devastating than 9/11.” And he went on to speculate about a probable nuclear explosion in Washington, D.C. But not to worry. According to Dick, the White House staff had conducted several “nuclear alert” exercises, and therefore the governance of the country would not be “bothered” by a nuclear attack.

“We operated and actually trained under circumstances of how we would go about providing for a government to survive if we were having nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union falling all over the country.”

If we were having nuclear warheads “falling all over the country,” the U.S. would no longer exist. But Mr. Cheney assures us that the government will carry on . . . and do what – debate the merits of funding Planned Parenthood?

Here is an excerpt from an article in the 1962 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine entitled “The Medical Consequences of Thermonuclear War.”

“A twenty megaton ground burst on downtown Boston would seriously damage reinforced concrete buildings to a distance of ten miles. Within a circle of a radius of sixteen to twenty-one miles second degree burns would be produced, and clothing, houses, foliage, gasoline and so forth would ignite, producing a fire storm. Human survival in this area would be practically impossible, and an estimated two million five hundred thousand deaths would occur in metropolitan Boston from blast and heat alone.”

This description defies imagination, and yet Mr. Dick speaks so blithely about something so unthinkable. This confirms his insanity, and alerts us to the grand absurdities in our midst.


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